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My Opinion of the American Dream - 701 Words

What is the American Dream? Is a question that will be answered differently every time its asked to a different individual. Everyone has a different opinion regarding what is the American Dream and what it takes to make the dream a reality theres a simply explanation to this: People come from different places, and everyone has a different story to tell. No two lives are just alike, there are going to be people who have experienced different trials and tribulations, people who have seen what you havent, people whos struggle has been a little rougher than yours, people whos dreams have been shattered, people who havent lost hope, people who believe all hope is gone, and people who feel that what was lost is finally found. The American†¦show more content†¦spoke these words in his famous I Have a Dream speech focusing on racism in America and the importance of equality. The law guarantees everyone in America is treated equally, no matter their race, gender, social level, or any thing else. Although this may be true, Americas past shows slavery, racism, and discrimination. These may all seem like past occurrences, but recent experiences show that some tensionShow MoreRelatedWhat Is The American Dream?1407 Words   |  6 Pages What is the American Dream? If you ask anyone they will provide you with all types of answers, from making a successful life for one to wishing and hoping that America changes and grows as a whole. Personally I believe that the American Dream is the idea that was put in my head as a small child by parents and the other adults around. For me, this was the motion that in the beginning it’s as simple as going to school and make A’s so that I can be accepted into a good college, and then you must workRead MoreThe American Dream By The 1970 S Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pages Over time, The American Dream has changed in an innumerable amount of ways. Past civilizations have laid the foundation for what we view it to be today. In the 1970s, people looked at a variety of aspects such as culture, political affairs (government), one’s appearance, and entertainment to fit their definition of â€Å"The American Dream†. The 1970’s helped shape and influence what people regard as the current American Dream. Living in the 70s was in the midst of a unique culture. TheatresRead MoreThe American Dream By Alexis De Tocqueville1566 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream is the idea that every United States citizen has equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. However, ideas of the dream have evolved throughout time from the 18th century up to present day. The general population’s view and my view of the American Dream both have altered throughout time. My idea of the American Dream has developed from not only today’s views on The Dream, but also from the evolutionary process the meaning has been through. ThroughoutRead MoreThe American Dream996 Words   |  4 PagesMy definition of American Dream If we ask most Americans what is the American Dream? the common answers are to become successful, rich, owning houses, cars and etc. In other countries, many people see America as a land of opportunities for a better life and that is the reason why they come here. Every individual who come to America have their goals or dreams that they want to fulfill in life that they can not fulfill in their own country. In another word, their American dream are to have betterRead MoreThe American Dream742 Words   |  3 Pages30 May 2017 The American Dream: The American Dream is interpreted differently amongst Americans. Some people have the dream of owning a million dollar home or car and others have dreams of becoming famous. Although there is no definite definition of what the American Dream is, the concept of it has always been the same. That concept is that anything can be achievable for anyone, as long as they put their effort into it. The Declaration of Independence states that every American possesses the equalRead MoreHiding from Reality Essay953 Words   |  4 Pagesfrom reality The American Dream for many it means the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity traditionally held by every American. A life of personal happiness in short terms. However this â€Å"American Dream â€Å"is different for everyone, and it is now being threaten by many factors such as the economy, which is a big part of it, employment and our education as well are being demolished. In â€Å"Hiding from reality† by Bob Herbert, he explains his view on how the American dream is slowly become lessRead MoreThe Great Gatsby: Admiration for Gatsbys Character as Fitzgeralds Novel Progresses950 Words   |  4 Pagesperceived we can see Fitzgerald’s ideas on the American dream and the effects it has on those who chase it. I chose this question as it relates strongly to how my views towards Gatsby change as the novel proceeds. Fitzgerald achieves this alter in feelings through his writing style, the theme of the novel and his use of narration. My initial feelings for Gatsby were ambivalent. He is dishonest and shallow. This superficiality can be shown in the dream he holds of the perfect life with money, DaisyRead MoreMy American Dream Essay533 Words   |  3 PagesFirst, lets define American Dream. American Dream is what you would consider a perfect life. It can be full of happiness, money, love, food, cars, whatever you desire, everyone has a different opinion. One person’s American Dream may be totally different from someone else’s, that is what makes us all individuals. My American Dream would include a good job and lots of money, spare time for my family and I, and most importantly, healthiness. It seems that so often the subject of economic standingRead MoreEssay On The American Dream1004 Words   |  5 PagesThe American Dream: Is it Only a Dream? From the moment colonists stepped foot on American soil, freedom flowed through their skin. The new country would bring endless opprotunities to anyone who wished to pursue their dreams. Through years of effort, the United States was born and along with it a sense of equality and meaning. Today, America has much to stand for. Although times were rough along the way, the American dream is one of being free and having a voice. America has proven itself to beRead More The American Dream: Keeping Up With The Joneses Essay1304 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Dream is different for everyone, though it is most commonly associated with success, freedom, and happiness. The concept of the American Dream seems to have dwindled from where it was in the past few generations. It has gone from success, freedom, and happiness to having lots of money and the nicest possessions. It has been said that Americans are no longer trying to keep up with the Joneses, and instead looking at celebrities and the characters they portray in films or on television

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